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        Enterprise slogan: because of perseverance so professional

        GUANGDONG THEAOSON is looking forwarder to the future with a forward-looking international vision. We firmly believe that the take-off of enterprises needs not only intelligence but also courage and firm belief.

        Perseverance is the spirit of the enterprise, the enterprising spirit of every employee of the enterprise, and the motive force for the enterprise to accomplish its mission and reflect the value of knowledge.

        Perseverance is a kind of wisdom that makes us get the power in the waiting.
        Perseverance is a force that allows us to burst out in the gather momentum.
        Persistence is a kind of optimism,making us firmly believe that dream will come ture in the future.
        Persistence is a kind of attainment, we must carry someting through to the end.
        Because of thePersistence, so professional. GUANGDONG THEAOSON will firmly believe in the road to the world.

        Enterprise source power

        Demand -- survival, development, and social value
        Expectations - identify, explore, and build the future vision
        The spirit of innovation, value, objective mind to enjoy
        GUANGDONG THEAOSON has adhered to its consistent quality.Its connotation includes high-quality quality and service,trust and equity oriented corporate culture, innovative business models, international human resources and practices.
        We firmly proficient in the source of the enterprise's survival and development.
        As a result, we can enter the track of international standards,even,we have an infinite extension of space.
        The value of the enterprise -- persisting in high quality
        The development of the enterprise start from scratch, weak to strong, small to big,from the every action, we move forward in the creation of footprints are proof of power, Now and in Future, we also will continue to create.
        We have ideals to carry out all the tasks. We firmly believe in creating a brilliant guarantee. We stick to the consistent high quality. We should emphasize that what we are doing is not just dealing with customers and friends, but also helping merchants and society achieve higher goals.

        Enterprise mission

        To become one of the most creative enterprises,a new generation of highly respected products, logistics, inspection and service providers in the service market,providing customers with more convenient, more innovative, more international service, excellent quality, value and service to meet customer needs,then,respecting the social and natural environment has become a respected

        Emerging enterprise model.

        Open up the special  service system with product management, international advanced products supply, product inspection, customer service in the field of fine chemical industry,through the development and use of interactive technology, logistics and services to meet customer's demand, set up international marketing bridge, quickly lead the future development of manufacturing industry enterprises and vendors.

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