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        Theaoson technology R&D center was established in 2010, with a design area of about 1,200 square meters. It consists of polymer material laboratory, environmentally friendly household daily chemical product laboratory, personal care product laboratory, new material inspection laboratory, and dispersion grinding laboratory , chromatography laboratory, high and low temperature laboratory and quality inspection laboratory.

        The R&D center's team consists of 2 doctors, 4 masters, 10 Bachelor degree personnel and other personnel. It adopts a research and development model that combines independent research and development with production, education and research, focus on the product performance, product technology, use sense and industrial layout of aerosols as the research direction, it has successively carried out research and development and technological innovation of related new technologies, new materials and new products with South China University of Technology, Hunan Institute of Science and Technology, Shaoguan University and other universities. Over the years, it has undertaken a number of major scientific and technological innovation projects at the provincial and municipal levels. It has rich experience in project organization and management and strong project development capabilities. Its products are widely used in industries, household life, car maintenance, personal beauty care and consumer products. 


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